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Four brothers Lawrence, Chris, Eugene and Eric Warwaruk from rural Manitoba started a four-star restaurant called Lux Sole on Osborne St. South back in 1999. Lawrence wanted the restaurant to reflect the boys’ farming background and to reflect how the sun was an essential component of food production. “Lux Sole” or “light from the sun” was the name chosen from Eric’s Latin dictionary, a course he was taking at the time in university. Over the years Eugene and Eric left the restaurant business in order to pursue their individual interests. Lux Sole evolved into a popular restaurant with a primary focus on sourcing local foods. Luxalune Gastropub opened in Februrary of 2008 a couple of doors down.

Chris and Lawrence closed Lux Sole in October 2008 in order to focus solely on the Luxalune Gastropub business and concept. Much as “Lux Sole” (pronounced “lux sol-ay”) means “light from othe sun”, ‘luxalune” means “light from the moon”.


Boasting over 1oo beers from around the world, Luxalune has one of the most diverse selection of beers in Manitoba. From Canada to Japan, Mexico to Germany¬†and everywhere in between; whatever your cheer, we’ve got the beer!

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 What is a Gastropub?

A gastropub is a British term for a pub which specializes in high-quality food a step above the tradition pub grub. The name is derived from gastronomy, the art and appreciation of food and cooking. The name “gastropub” was coined in 1991 when David Eyre and Mike Belben opened a pub called The Eagle in Clerkenwell, London, that placed an emphasis on the quality of food served, though this was by no means the first pub to offer good food. Gastropubs have an atmosphere which is relaxed and a focus on offering a particular cuisine prepared as well as the best restaurants. Staying true to the format requires a menu that complements the assortment of beers and wines the gastropub offers.